Interesting people and new research plans

I chaired a guided poster tour on Friday 27th May. In this tour we discussed research from several countries on ADHD and comorbid Substance Abuse, Obesity, Internet/gaming dependence.

Apart from the ICASA research on ADHD and SUD we learned from studies on the prevalence of ADHD in SUD populations from Switzerland, Malaysia and Greece. In Greece they studied in a small study efficacy of atomoxetine in substance dependent patients. And I was very proud that in this poster sessions three ICASA participants were involved: The Karolinska institute (Stockholm) on the prevalence of ADHD in SUD treatment seeking patients, the Bern University (Switzerland) on increased craving in patients with ADHD and the University of Johannesburg on the concept of sensation seeking.

I have spoken so many people. A few names:
• The chair of the World ADHD Federation, professor Warnke, who in his opening speech impressed with his presentation on the necessity of using research in helping children, adolescents and adults with ADHD dealing with this chronic disorder. He used breaking down the wall in Berlin as a strong metaphor for the possibilities people have in making changes.
• Eric Taylor, who has an incredible knowledge on child & adolescent psychiatry research.
• Professor Michael Kohn, who developed, with his colleagues, the IntegNeuro, a comprehensive tool for neurocognitive testing in children and adolescents.
• Ahmed Abdelkarim from Egypt, a doctor in his last year before becoming a psychiatrist. He attended the ICASA meeting as well, and wants to participate in ICASA research.

With several experts we explored possibilities for new research on ADHD and Addiction. Very promising is the idea of setting up longitudinal research in youngsters at risk for addiction, crime, violence. Researchers from Israel, Australia, South Africa and the UK are very interested.
To be continued....