Berlin meeting 2nd day


The first official, but unofficially 7th ICASA meeting, had the huge number of 44 Delegates! Experts on ADHD an substance abuse from Norway, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, USA, Australia, Egypt and South Africa travelled to Berlin for this meeting in which a lot of hot topics were discussed.

I will give you some of the highlights on the several research projects. 

IASP study on the Prevalence of ADHD
Over 2500 SUD patients are included now. Of these patients approximately 38% score positive on the ASRS, a screener for ADHD. Of these 2500 patients 950 patients were interviewed using the CAADID, an structured interview for diagnosing ADHD according to the DSM-IV criteria. Approximately 20% of these patients were diagnosed with ADHD. The data need to be thoroughly analyzed, but it is clear that ADHD and SUD are linked and that many SUD patients do have ADHD, also in Europe.

CASP study
The CASP study starts in June 2011. Neurotech, the developers of the MOXO test that will be evaluated in the CASP study, were present at the meeting. They conducted training for the project leaders for the CASP study. Via skype also the SUNY Upstate University in Syracuse, NY, USA participated in this training.

Physical exercise

Our colleagues from the Bergen Clinics Foundation presented a pilot study for feasibility of an Physical Exercise Treatment program for outpatient patients with ADHD and SUD. They will start this pilot in due course. Most probably Australia will participate and other groups are interested. Contact person: Thomas Dahl, ( )

Steve Faraone will further develop a research protocol, in which we will use the sampled DNA in the IASP patients.

Future research plans
The Bordeaux group will use the IASP cohort for starting up longitudinal research. They will follow ADHD + SUD and SUD only subjects. Other groups are invited to participate.
At Arkin (former Jellinek, Amsterdam; addiction treatment centre), Katelijne van Oortmerssen will start up a trial, using the Safren modules for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in adult ADHD patients.
Suzy Young presented research from the UK on ADHD and SUD in prisons. Australia and Sweden are interested in collaboration.

Next meeting
We intend to organize the next annual meeting of the foundation in Bordeaux, France, in September 2011. Of course I will keep you posted meanwhile on new developments.


  • By Deborah Judge30-05-2011 / 19:38

    The day was really interesting - I found it so encouraging to connect with other psychiatrists/psychologists who are like-minded in recognising the complexity of Substance misuse and ADHD.
    I have sent in my poster on Teenage Pregnancy to the ICASA web-site which I presented at the Berlin ADHD meeting.
    Look forward to Bordeaux!
    Deborah Judge

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