ICASA symposium at World ADHD Federation Conference


In a 90 minutes session we covered an overall view of the scientific research (done by Wim van den Brink), a presentation on genetics of ADHD and SUD (Toni Ramos Quiroga), a presentation on harm related to ADHD and SUD (Sharlene Kaye) and a presentation by Rachel Klein on a longitudinal project in which she followed approximately 250 children into their adult hood (age of 41!).

ADHD and anti-social behaviour
I was intrigued by Rachel Klein’s presentation. She included in her sample children with ADHD like behavior (note that when she started her research, the DSM did not exist yet). However she excluded children with anti-social behavior. In the course of development she clearly identified a pathway from ADHD via anti-social behavior, via Substance Abuse to other problems such as crime, violence, school dropout, under achievement in college and work etc.
It is a step too far to conclude that ADHD causes anti social behavior. But in her study Rachel Klein clearly indicated the time line of occurrence of comorbid anti-social behavior, SUD and other problems.

ADHD versus a whole range of problems….
After this presentation Sharlene Kaye talked about the consequences that comorbid ADHD and SUD can have on several aspects of life. This group has a high risk for a whole range of problems: doubling classes, leaving school without being graduated, less higher education, more school dropout, motor vehicle accidents, more severe motor vehicle accidents, involvement in crime, (too) early engagement in sexual activities, violence, death.
Links to the presentations of Rachel Klein and Sharlene Kaye will be posted as soon as possible in this blog.

More attention!
Both the content of our presentations, the prominent place our symposium received in the program of the conference, and the high number of participating delegates makes it clear that the topic of ADHD and Substance Abuse receives more attention. You will be hearing more of us!


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