Budapest site visit


Our Hungarian colleagues started data sampling for the IASP study.

Csaba Barta, assistant professor on genetics at the Semmelweis University in Budapest is in charge of the ICASA activities in Hungary. He asked Zolt Demetrovics, head of addiction research in Budapest to participate in the IASP study. Mate Kapitany is a PhD student. He will cary out the field work of the IASP.
During my visit we discussed the final details of the study.

They started up data sampling only a week before my visit. They will complete the European data sampling: 8 European countries do participate in the study. They intend to include 500 Substance Use Disorders Patients in the screening phase. The Hungarian researchers will interview and evaluate 230 of these patients via standardized diagnostic instruments on ADHD and other disruptive behaviours. The data sampling in Hungary will be finished at the end of June 2011. Which is incredible.

It is interesting how the several project teams in the participating countries organize their part of the study. Some are very quick and hasty, others take the process step by step. In Hungary they took their time for organizing every detail. But now they are ready to go. I am looking forward to their results.


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