First official board meeting and the MOXO test


Five years ago I only dreamed that this could happen, but Tuesday 24th May it wasn’t just a dream: the ICASA Foundation board had its officially first meeting as Foundation! In Berlin, Germany, because here the World ADHD Federation Conference is also held this week. And because several ICASA-members will contribute with a hot topic symposium on ADHD and Addiction on Thursday 26th May they had to be in Berlin anyway.

At the meeting, where over 40 people were (we started with 5…) one of the topics was the evaluation of the strategic plan for 2010-2011. The foundation is successful in executing the IASP study on the prevalence of ADHD in treatment seeking substance dependent patients. We expect to communicate preliminary results in December 2011. In September 2011 data sampling will start for the IASP II study. In the IASP II the IASP study will be duplicated in South Africa, Brazil and Egypt. The CASP study will start in June of this year. In this study we will evaluate the MOXO test. If you are curious why I am so excited about evaluating a test, check out yourself what makes this test for diagnosing ADHD so special:

We also discussed the public relations plan and the financial structure of the foundation. We decided to regulate membership. We will send out letters for financial support to participating institutes. We will work on establishing a working group who will target fund raising for our foundation. The board realizes we need to use our website more for informing visitors on the activities of the foundation. Because there is a lot more going on than you see on this website…

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Finally some special thanks for DNA Genotek, who sponsored this meeting partly. Sponsoring gives us the opportunity to keep working on the several researchproject. If you also want to contribute to the work of ICASA, please contact us: