IASP results and Crowdfunding


What is already clear? ADHD is highly prevalent in patients who seek treatment for substance abuse problems.

Via the IASP study we will confirm findings in our recent systematic review/meta analysis on the prevalence of ADHD in treatment seeking addicts: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Emmerik-van%20Oortmerssen

Crowdfunding for the ICASA Foundation
For accelerating the process of research and results, we need a strong network and a well developed research infrastructure (translated instruments, databases, meetings, development of research protocols etc.). For working towards the ICASA goals we need funding.

For connecting to interested people and organizations, the ICASA Foundation board decided on starting a fundraising campaign via the concept of Crowdfunding. At the ICASA office we started up a project team, advised by two Dutch pioneers/experts on Crowdfunding, Gijsbert Koren en Simon Douw. We will launch the campaign in the Netherlands 10th May 2012, and then expand the campaign worldwide.
If you have ideas on how we can best organize the campaign, if you want to help, or if you want to financially support the ICASA Foundation, please contact me via geurt.vandeglind@outlook.com
The Dutch campaign will be launched 10th May 2012. I will inform you on this Dutch campaign, and later on the worldwide campaign (which we are planning later on as a second step).

Please use your own network for telling more people about the activities and goals of the ICASA Foundation.

Thanks a lot!