IASP site visit in Barcelona


The University Hospital Vall d’Hebron is a very important participant in the ICASA foundation. Professor Miguel Casas is a world leading expert on Addiction Research. And professor Antoni Ramos Quiroga was one of the first psychiatrists/researchers in Europe to work on ADHD in Adults. Together they have been very important in establishing the ICASA foundation, and in starting up the IASP project in Barcelona. Toni Ramos Quiroga is now board member of the ICASA Foundation.

The genetics lab of Vall d’Hebron is very important in the future ICASA projects on genetics in ADHD and Substance Use Disorders (SUD). In Spain Saliva Samples from patients participating in the IASP study are collected and it is also where DNA from these samples is derived and stored for future research.
In Barcelona the intention is to close data sampling in June 2011, including close to 500 SUD patients in their sample. Preliminary results give an estimation of over 20% ADHD diagnoses in these patients.

Before visiting the Vall d’Hebron project team, I met Laia Salat at the Adana Foundation (http://www.fundacionadana.org/en ) . This is a Spanish consumers organization. They work on training and courses of teachers on ADHD. They also work with children who have ADHD and their parents. They notice the huge problem of undiagnosed ADHD in adolescents and adults in their country.
The president of the foundation, Isabel Rubio, will attend the ICASA meeting in Berlin. We might be able to work out ideas for collaboration in the future.


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