IASP site visit to Switzerland


13th And 14th January I visited the Bern University and participating Addiction treatment centers.

In Switzerland three addiction treatment wards participate in the IASP study. Suedhang (Bern), Forell (Zurich) and the Bern University hospital ward for Alcohol dependence are all inpatient wards focused on alcohol dependence. Over the past year they included 400 patients in the screening phase of the IASP study. Of these, over 170 patients were interviewed thoroughly on ADHD, Anti social Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Preliminary results indicate that roughly 10% of patients with alcohol dependence also have ADHD.

The Swiss did some very interesting work on differences in the level of craving in patients with and without ADHD. Their first results point towards more severe craving in patients with ADHD. On the picture you see the Swiss local project team, Andrea Seitz and Franz Moggi.

On the picture right you see our meeting in Zurich, where we discussed the results of the Swiss part of the IASP, related to the results of the other participants. We also discussed how to deal with publications and presentations of results. The Swiss group intends to present part of their results in a poster on the World Federation Conference in Berlin, 26-29th May in Berlin (http://www.adhd-congress.org/home.html)



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