IASP study a more and more global effort

In November and December I reported via this blog on participation of South Africa. Now we are close to participation of several universities in South Africa, and also from Brazil!

The University of Johannesburg and the University of Limpopo will participate in the first ICASA study, the International ADHD in Substance use disorders Prevalence (IASP)-study. Each of these universities will include close to 300 Substance Use Disorders Patients. In doing so, they will be able to compare South African results with the overall IASP data.

At the end of March ICASA will organize training sessions for the local research teams in Johannesburg and Polokwane (capitol of Limpopo, the North-eastern province of South Africa). We hope the universities will soon solve several practicalities and issues like the medical ethical committees.

The latest news is that most probably we can welcome also a Latin American sample to the EASP study. The very well known research group on ADHD from Porto Allegre in Brazil (see picture), with professor Luis Rohde and dr. Claudia Szobot informed us on their interest in participating in the study. We hope dr. Szobot will be able to join the training session in Johannesburg, so they will be able to use the research instruments the same as in the other IASP participating countries.

With 8 European countries, Australia, the USA, South Africa and maybe Brazil we will have data from 5 continents. We will see what the results can learn us on the linkage between ADHD and Substance Abuse.

In my next posts I will write about the IASP site visits I will make to Budapest and Barcelona. I will inform you on preparations for the IASP training sessions in South Africa, and on the next ICASA meeting in Berlin, May 2011.


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