IASP Training and IASP in adolescents


Today we continued the training for the IASP study. We decided to add some instruments to the basic toolkit of instruments: we will use the modules of K-SADS for Conduct Disorder (CD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

These extra instruments will give us further information on the pathways from ADHD towards Substance Use Disorders, and the important role that CD and ODD play in these pathways. I will contact the project leaders for IASP II in South Africa, Egypt and Ireland if they can add these instruments in their research protocol too.

I was delighted to hear that the PRODAH group in Porto Alegre will use the IASP toolkit for research in adolescents with substance use disorders. That is important news and I hope that other research groups will use this opportunity to collaborate with the PRODAH group, and do the same research in adolescent patients in their country. It would be great if this turns out to be the first step towards an IASP-A (A meaning Adolescents) study, conducted in several countries. I kindly ask interested researchers to contact me (gvdglind.icasa@trimbos.nl). I also invite interested funding organizations to contact me in order to help us making this important research possible.

Tomorrow we will discuss the logistics of the study sample here in Porto Alegre. I am very curious on what type of addiction treatment wards the project team here intends to include for the IASP study.


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