Author: Geurt van de Glind

I am pleased to welcome you to my new blog on ADHD and Addiction. Via this blog I will inform you on the activities of the ICASA Foundation and on relevant developments in the field of ADHD and Addiction.

On this website you can find all the information about ICASA-research and topics. On 2nd September 2010 The International Collaboration on ADHD and Substance Abuse (ICASA) Foundation was formally established. A lot of work needs to be done. We need to further develop our research network. We need funds for being able to continue our work. We want to develop new studies, and find institutes and patients who want to execute these studies. And of course also funding for research projects is necessary.

For the further development of our research network, the upcoming International Conference in Capetown, South Africa, is worth mentioning. First I will spend two days on visiting addiction treatment centers. Special centers for rich people and addiction treatment centers in the townships.

On 26th November ICASA participants will participate in a conference on addiction and mental health with international and South African experts. We will discuss possibilities for collaboration in research projects related to ADHD and Substance Abuse.

I am looking forward to learn from the South African professionals how they deal with Substance Abuse diagnoses and treatment and with psychiatric disorders of which a lot substance abuse patients suffer from. And I am curious whether or not there is knowledge on ADHD, and on the linkage between ADHD and Substance Abuse.

I will keep you posted.


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