Switzerland completes datasampling


They will enter the Swiss data soon in the central data base (located at the University of Amsterdam). This data base will, at the end of the IASP, contain very rich data on thousands of patients with Substance use Disorders. At the end of the analysing process we will have a much better view on the relationship between ADHD and Substance Use Disorders. For Switzerland we will know a lot on the linkage between ADHD and Alcohol Use Disorder, for mainly patients with alcohol dependence were included. They included 400 patients in their sample.

The Swiss project team, led by Franz Moggi and Andrea Seitz, expect to present their preliminary results at the World ADHD Federation Conference, 26-29th May 2011 in Berlin (http://www.adhd-congress.org/home.html )
I congratulate the Swiss team with their achievement and do thank them for their contribution to the IASP study.


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