Training session South Africa II


The University of Nkwazulu Natal is expected to participate in the IASP study as well. My South African colleagues will also try to get researchers from the Universities in the Cape Town area involved. Together with the participation of the University of Porto Allegre (Brazil) the data sampling for the IASP study will be further extended. Due to this is decided the data sampling for the first IASP I study is closed in the summer of 2011. New starting countries will get an additional year for sampling their data. These new countries can use the data sampled in IASP I.

We think the results of the IASP I and of the IASP II will be of high interest for knowledge on the linkage between ADHD and Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Therefore we felt it necessary to not further postpone the results of the IASP I.

After the meeting we drove by car from Johannesburg to Polokwane, the Capitol of the Northern Province of South Africa: Limpopo. The beauty of the landscape, the amount of space, and the pleasant company of Anneke Meyer and Corne Coetzee (see pichture) made the travel of approximately 330 kilometers quickly passing by.

On 30th of March there was a workshop in Polokwane for introduction of the IASP instruments. Again not only the local researchers were involved, but also professionals from Mental Health organizations and from SANCA, the South African national organization for drug and alcohol dependence. At the end of the day all of them where enthusiastic on participation. I am convinced there will be a well organized IASP part in Polokwane, leading to information on the local situation of the linkage between ADHD and SUD.

I learned a lot from the participants in the workshops. I heard stories of how they now could recognize and see the problems of ADHD and SUD in a new perspective. I learned a lot from the enthusiasm for the project in both the research teams and the professionals of mental health and addiction treatment centers, both in Johannesburg and Polokwane.

And finally it was great to meet the workers on the project and their families. I hope to return to this rainbow country and it’s great inhabitants soon.


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