Members of ICASA aim to share their knowledge not only in their own country and througout the ICASA network, but with the general and scientific community, in order to inform as many people as possible about the work being done to improve the understanding of ADHD and addiction/SUD.


  • 26th September: 3rd Annual International Conference on ADHD and Substance Abuse – Stockholm, Sweden

    Prof. Wim van den Brink
    Prof. Frances R. Levin
    Prof. Sören Dalsgaard
    Katelijne van Emmerik- van Oortmerssen

  • 25/26th September 2017, Stockholm, Sweden: 7th Annual Network Meeting of the ICASA Foundation

  • 20th April 2017, World ADHD Federation conference, Vancouver, Canada

    ICASA Foundation - hot topic symposim on ADHD and Substance Abuse:

    Prof. Frieda Matthys - the international consensus statement on diagnosis and treatment of patients with substance abuse disorders and comorbid ADHD.

    Floor Kramer - Results on a randomized controlled trial with cognitive behavioural therapy in patients with substance abuse disorders and comorbid ADHD

    Prof. Frances Levin - Latest findings related to pharmaceutical treatment of patients with substance abuse disorders and comorbid ADHD

    Prof. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga - Validity of the MINI-plus-ADHD-module in the treatment seeking patients with a substance use disorder.


  • 5th December 2016: International Conference on Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Budapest, Hungary


    Prof. Wim van den Brink: ADHD and Substance Use Disorder: Epidemiology and Neurobiology

    Prof. Frances R. Levin: Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in Substance Use Disorder patients

    Prof. Susan Young: Psychosocial treatment of ADHD and Substance Use Disorder

    Prof. Judit Balázs: ADHD, co-morbidity, and suicidal behavior

  • 22nd June: 6th Annual ICASA Foundation Network meeting, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 23rd June 2016: 2nd annual ADHD & SUD Conference 2016 – University of Brussels, Belgium,


    Prof. dr. Frances Levin : -20 years of ADHD-SUD research with special focus on cannabis-

    Geurt van der Glind PhD : -The ICASA Foundation – History and Future-

    Prof. dr. Ramos-Quiroga : -Psychiatric comorbidity of ADHD-

    Susan Young PhD : -The pathway to substance misuse for offenders with ADHD-

    Maija Konstenius PhD : -High doses Methylphenidate in ADHD with SUD -

    Prof. dr. Philip Asherson : - Guidelines on ADHD and SUD


  • June 15th 2015, ADHD and Substance Use Disorders conference for professionals in the field of psychiatry and addiction, Stockholm, Sweden. Register here now 

    An opportunity to meet the leading international expertise, key note speakers include: 
    Frances R. Levin, Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, USA
    Stephen Faraoene, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA 
    Wim van den Brink, Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
    Sharlene Kaye, Reserch Fellow, National Drug and Alcohol Research Center, UNSW, Australia
    Chair: Johan Franck, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

    The program includes: 
    Recent developments on pharmacotherapy of ADHD and Substance Use Disorders 
    Neurobiological correlates of ADHD/SUD 
    Young scientists present ongoing research and new results


  • 10-12 September: UKAAN conference, "Mind, Brain, Body"

    With an ICASA symposium on Friday 12th September:
    ICASA - addictions - Chair Geurt van de Glind
    ADHD and addiction - an overview (Geurt van de Glind)
    Inhibitory control and substance misuse (Iliyan Ivanov)
    CPT, ADHD and substance misuse (Zsolt Demetrovics)
    Summary of best practice (Ulrich Muller)


  • 23-26 October 2013:  3rd International Congress of Dual Disorders: Addictions and other Mental Disorders-, by the Spanish Society of Dual Pathology (Sociedad Española de Patología Dual, SEPD) Barcelona, Spain.
    ICASA will present in Track 6: ADHD and Addictive disorders.
    22 October 2013: Mini-symposium on the results of the IASP-study
    23 October 2013: Annual ICASA board meeting
    24 October 2013: 2 ICASA symposia at the Dual Disorder Conference, Barcelona, Spain:
    26 October 2013: Annual ICASA Network meeting
  • 6-9 June 2013: "4th World Congress on ADHD – From Childhood to Adult Disease", Milan, Italy.
    ICASA will present the results of the International ADHD in Substance use disorders Prevalence (IASP) study.
  • 23-25 May 2013: Neurotalk 2013, Xi’an, China.
    Geurt van de Glind will present preliminary results of the IASP-study related to the new continuous performance test for ADHD.



  • 26th-29th May 2011  - 3rd International Congress on ADHD – From childhood to adult disease. Berlin, Germany.
    ICASA will aim to organize a symposium on ADHD and Substance abuse during this conference. Information on this conference can be found via


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