For development of the ICASA network, and in order to share the knowledge available in the ICASA group with local experts, ICASA organizes local conferences on the topic of ADHD and Substance Abuse.

Besides these local conferences, ICASA experts present on international conferences related to ADHD and/or SUD. Below you will find links to the PDF's of powerpoint (ppt) presentations.

November 2012, Seoul, South Korea 
Presentation from Geurt van de Glind: introducing the ICASA-foundation’s goals and activities and elaborating on preliminary IASP results at the 1st Asian Conference on ADHD

May 2011, Berlin, Germany
Posterpresentation from Andrea Seitz from ICASA Switzerland:  
Association between ADHD and craving among patients with Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD)

Posterpresentation from Deborah Judge from the UK:
Teenage Pregnancy, ADHD and Co-existing Substance Misuse Disorders

Powerpoint from Rachel Klein from the New York Child Study Center:
ADHD and Substance Abuse: A longitudinal study

November 2010 - Cape Town,  South Africa
Expert Meeting ICASA 

Dr. Debbie Kaminer, 'The role of trauma in the development of ADHD and substance use amongst children and adolescents'
Dr. Lize Weich, 'Treating addiction and mental illness, the Western Cape perspective'

Prof Alban Burke, 'Towards an integrated theory on adult ADHD and Substance Abuse'.

Prof. Basil J. Pilay,  Trauma and substance abuse. A South African perspective.

You can also read the report of this expert meeting.

May 2010 - Bergen, Norway 

Wim van den Brink  'Substance Use Disorders and ADHD'
Pieter Jan Carpentier, 'MAR and ADHD: Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in methadone maintenance treatment patients'

Annual Conference of the American Academy for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
26 October - 1 November, 2009 Honolulu, Hawaii

Rutger-Jan van der Gaag, 'Autisme Spectrum Disorder & ADHD. Mutually Exclusive?!? A clinical issue'
Patricia van Wijngaarden,  'ADHD Girls & Women in clinical practice'
Geurt van de Glind, 'Development of Substance Abuse in adolescents and adults with ADHD'   

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