ICASA aims to contribute to a substantial decrease in the proportion of ADHD patients developing an addiction/substance use disorder (SUD) and to substantially improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients having both ADHD and SUD.

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A collection of relevant literature regarding the topic of ADHD and Substance abuse disorder comborbidity. Regularly updated to present the most recent scientific insights.


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European Addiction Research released the Special Topic Issue on ADHD-Addiction (Vol. 26, No. 4-5, 2020). You will find an editorial, a review on history and future of ICASA projects, the consensus statement on ADHD-Addiction in adolescents, a review on Continuous Performance Tests for diagnosing ADHD in Substance Use Disorders patients, and ten new research articles on ADHD-Addiction. Please visit: https://www.karger.com/Journal/Issue/279180.

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If you are a member: find all the information about our network on this website: inclusion of subjects in the incas study, upcoming icasa meetings, events etcetera. If you consider to participate: look around and contact us.

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If you are working as a treatment provider in the field of ADHD, general psychiatry and/or addiction, you may work with patients suffering from Substance Use Disorders comorbidity. Keep your knowledge up to date with the latest insights gathered on one website.

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